“I worked with Michelle over the last couple of years in Houston. She is the most effective team development consultant I’ve ever been exposed to. She has unsurpassed ability to observe team dynamics and pinpoint improvement opportunities. She is expert with a wide range of tools and applies them appropriately to the situation, and she explains the tools and outputs in practical, layman’s terms. She is efficient and timely, and her demenor and communications style work effectively at any level in the enterprise. I recommend Michelle without any reservations to organizations that sincerely want to improve team effectiveness through group and/or individual coaching. I wish I could take her with me everyplace I go.”
David Jensen, Director of Operations, Wheatstone Project, Chevron

“Michelle supported the team I led for a period of 18 months. During that period Michelle introduced a number of tools that underpinned our development and effectiveness as a team. Improving an organizations effectiveness can be a bumpy road and Michelle encountered the resistance to new approaches typical of a developing team. A key factor for us was the need to recognizing that in parallel with our development as a team was the requirement to forge an effective, positive partnership with the client team in two locations.

Michelle as a resource was provided by the client leadership. At no point did she exhibit bias or favor as a consequence of that reporting line.

The key difference for me between Michelle and others who occupy a similar space is her absolute pragmatism and very natural, patient manner. Michelle didn’t force upon the team the typical management and organizational capability models. When a particular theory was offered up she explained and enacted same in a way that worked for us.

In addition to the above Michelle always welcomed debate and even push back from key team leaders. I believe Michelle was fundamental to our progress, results and success as a partner with a key client”
Paul Diplock, Operations Manager at Petrofac Inc.

“While looking to streamline our operations through strengthening our firm’s culture and fostering a productive environment, and at the same time providing our staff with an exciting and fun place to work, we came across People-People.  They provided numerous leadership coaching and staff retreats that greatly improved communication within our architectural firm, enhanced leadership skills and team interactions, and clarified career paths and rewards for our staff.  As a result, since working with People-People we’ve almost doubled the size of our staff and experience an increase of over 100% in revenues since 2006.  People-People provides a thoughtful approach to problem solving that we value very much.  We would highly recommend People-People to work with any leaders and teams seeking business success.”
Fernando Brave, Owner, Brave Architecture

“If your teams or leaders are underperforming, Michelle is uniquely qualified to diagnose contributing factors and provide solutions.  She brings over 20 years of experience on top of in-depth training in psychology and communication skills.  Her unique skill set makes her one of the few certified communications experts in North America who operate in the organizational development and coaching space.”
Chris Michel, Senior Vice President, Exterran 

“I have found Michelle’s advice and knowledge to be of great value over the years.  She is very intelligent, dedicated, ethical, and upholds her responsibility to confidentiality.  She was an excellent coach and sounding board for me personally.  She helped me see the larger picture and to grow as a person.  Her advice on the “people side” of the business is outstanding.  I would welcome any opportunity to work with her again.”
Steve Snider, former CEO, Exterran

“Michelle brought a ton of value to our team development focused project. Her strategy, advise, execution and follow-up created the results we need. Great team builder!”
William Sayre, Regional Vice President, Exterran 

“Michelle is a hard working individual with vast knowledge of team dynamics and organization processes on many levels. She worked with me on the Chevron Wheatstone Project where I found her to be extremely organized with great communications skills. She was quite instrumental in helping a major capitol project team become better organized and efficient.

She facilitated several team surveys to pinpoint areas of focus and was able to workshop many items to determine root cause and eliminate problems (many before they started). Michele also worked to complete personality profiles on many of the key project stakeholders to assist with everyone better understanding one another which leads to greater project success.

With her abilities, adaptability, and dedication, Michelle will make a great difference on whatever project she tackles next. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased if you hire her.”
Bryce Miller, Project Lead at Petrofac, Inc.

“My team relied on Michelle to advise us as we went through growing pains as we staffed up rapidly for a contract position for an energy major. Having to assemble a team of 50 or so over the course of a year can undoubtedly be challenging and Michelle was there every step of the way to lend us guidance through team building exercises and other types of consulting services as required. I can honestly say that we’re in a good position now and a lot of credit for the position we’re in can be given to Michelle”
Ted Oncale, Team Lead at Petrofac, Inc.

“I think extremely highly of Michelle, both professionally and personally and therefore it is my great pleasure to write a recommendation for her. She combines a great depth of experience in executive and team coaching, a quick analytical mind, and top-notch communication skills with a stress free management style. At Exterran I had the privilege to work closely with her in developing employee engagement communications. Michelle is skillful at listening, empathizing, respecting other people’s points of view, and promoting consensus and team work. Her ability to attune to both spoken and unspoken communications impressed me greatly. An expert in her field, personable and always upfront, Michelle is a real pleasure to work with.”
Mariana T. Sanderson, Regional Communications Manager at Vopak Americas

“I had the pleasure of working with Michelle for several years while I was serving in 2 different roles at Exterran. One of the many characteristics I admire about Michelle is that she is always able to remain calm no matter the situation. During our time working together, Michelle served as a skillful facilitator of many department/team meetings. Her calm demeanor and significant training and knowledge of organizational psychology made her extremely effective in this facilitator role. We could always count on Michelle to be the “voice of reason” during challenging and difficult discussions. I truly enjoyed working with Michelle.”
Jason Barrett, JD, SPHR

“It was a pleasure to work with Michelle and the organization she represented. She is a strategic thinker and a positive influence for leaders around her. I would gladly work together again.”
Clint Carlos, formerly with The Gallup Organization